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Satisfaction of business partners

Satisfaction and loyalty surveys of business partners are the most common type of B2B research. They may concern comprehensive cooperation or its selected aspects, e.g. logistics, sales, business customer service. They are often cyclical so as to monitor level of satisfaction eliminate situations leading to its reduction. This type of data is particularly valuable for entrepreneurs operating in competitive, fast-growing and dynamically changing market segments. Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty leads to a stronger competitive position and, consequently, to greater market share and greater profitability. Regular CS&L research is commissioned by most brands that care about building a sustainable competitive advantage.


At ABR SESTA, we survey business partners (B2B) in order to determine the level of satisfaction, identify factors that build customer satisfaction and verify expectations towards the supplier of services or products. Cyclical implementation of the survey facilitates the management of relations with partners, which contributes to a more reliable achievement of a competitive advantage and the achievement of set business goals.


The main challenges in this area are:

  • creating a hierarchy of quality assessment criteria and partners’ motives,
  • determination of the partner’s satisfaction index,
  • verification of the loyalty of the current and potential partner,
  • exploration of the “major success factors” affecting satisfaction and loyalty,
  • comparative analysis with competitors’ products and services.
  • diagnosis of the reasons for low satisfaction
  • identifying areas for improvement and methods of action

How will you benefit?

you will determine the degree of satisfaction with the cooperation of your partners

you will verify your position against competitors

you will improve your relations with your partners by creating the right communication style

you will identify the expectations of partners and the criteria for their selection of contractors

you will react to potential threats before they affect your business results

you will create the image of a professional partner

Research we conduct in the given area:

Badania etnograficzne
Ethnographic research

Obserwacja nieuczestnicząca video
Non-participant video observation

Badania neuromarketingowe
Neuromarketing research

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