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Code of Good Practice for Socially Responsible Action (CSR) of ABR SESTA


ABR SESTA believes that the highest value of the company is its employees and associates. Therefore, the company wants the working environment to create opportunities for self-realization, well-being, the ability to combine professional and personal life with balance, respect for the law & the natural environment.


The company wants to be perceived as professional, flexible and partnership, which entails the need to define the rules of operation. The purpose of this document is to describe the rules that will allow ABR SESTA to demonstrate social responsibility towards employees and associates, but also principals and business partners, society and care for health and the natural environment. These principles are a set of practices that the company applies in its daily operations.


§1 General rules


1.1. The management of ABR SESTA will actively provide information about the Code of Good Practice to the team of employees and will ensure its ongoing functioning. Since the Code is a set of good practices used on a daily basis in the company’s operations, the Management and employees undertake to comply with it, even if it is not part of the employment contract or employee regulations.


1.2. Compliance with the provisions of the Code is in the interest of the company and its employees, and violations of this Code of Good Practice may be the basis for initiating corrective or disciplinary proceedings, depending on the severity of the violation.


1.3. ABR SESTA, its employees and associates will comply with this Code of Good Practice as well as applicable local laws and regulations and will act in accordance with local standards of business practice.


1.4. ABR SESTA operates in accordance with the standards and guidelines developed by international and Polish industry organizations:

    • ESOMAR,
    • Organization of Opinion and Market Research Companies (OFBOR)
    • Polish Society of Market and Opinion Researchers (PTBRiO)
    • Interviewer Work Quality Control Program (PKJPA)


§2 Data protection and security


2.1. The company pays particular attention to the issue of collecting, processing and security of data that is subject to protection. Compliance with data protection regulations and confidentiality obligations regarding principals, but also respondents, is an integral part of market research and must be respected in relation to human activities as well as security systems.


§3 Relations with Business Partners


3.1. Employees of ABR SESTA are obliged in business relations to be based only on business and ethical considerations, taking into account the interest of the company as a whole, and not the private interest of employees.


3.2. Employees will make decisions based on their best knowledge and practices. The statements they make on behalf of the company should always be truthful.


3.3. In the event of a potential conflict of interest, the matter must be resolved in a manner that is clear to all parties, under the supervision of the Company’s Management and with the support of communication that will avoid the suspicion of potential dishonesty or misconduct.


3.4. Employees of ABR SESTA are completely forbidden to conduct activities prohibited by law, such as giving a material advantage, aimed at persuading potential clients to choose the company as the contractor for the project.


3.5. Small advertising and occasional gifts of up to PLN 50 are not considered a material advantage.


3.6. At the same time, if the Principal gives a gift to an employee of the company, the employee is obliged to inform the supervisor about the situation. If the gift is personal, but its value does not exceed PLN 50, the employee may keep the gift. If the gift can be divided among other employees, such a solution is recommended.


3.7. Reports that are created for the needs of Principals are their property, unless it is a syndicate project that ABR SESTA may make available to other entities for a fee or free of charge.


3.8. In the event that employees receive information regarding the activities of ABR SESTA or its Principals, which is considered confidential, based on business practice or signed contracts, they are obliged to keep it confidential. The use of such information for your own purposes or in the interests of third parties is strictly prohibited.


3.9. ABR SESTA does not carry out research projects commissioned by tobacco industry companies.


§4 Employees and internal relations


4.1. ABR SESTA employees are prohibited from providing services to entities competing with ABR SESTA. It is acceptable to provide services on behalf of other entities, provided that it does not limit their work at ABR SESTA and there is no conflict of interest. At the same time, employees are obliged to inform ABR SESTA about the provision of services with remuneration, and undertaking such cooperation requires prior consent of the company’s management. A conflict of interest is considered to be all cases where employees are financially related to business partners of ABR SESTA or if they operate in the areas of activity in which ABR SESTA operates.


4.2. Associates of ABR SESTA have the right to work for other entities, including competitors, however, they are obliged to inform ABR SESTA about a potential conflict of interest.


4.3. The management of ABR SESTA enables employees to use flexible working hours and remote performance of duties, provided that their superiors are informed in advance.


§5 Environmental protection


5.1. Environmental protection and effective management of natural resources is an important issue for ABR SESTA. Employees and associates of the company should keep this in mind when using company resources and keep their use within the necessary limits.


5.2. ABR SESTA enables the selective collection of waste, and also organizes the collection of electro-waste, used toners and batteries.


5.3. In everyday work, the printing of documents is limited by replacing them with applications and electronic solutions.


§6 Activities for the benefit of society


6.1. ABR SESTA allows respondents to transfer remuneration for participation in a paid study to a public benefit organization. The decision on the selection of an organization is made by the company’s management, taking into account the recognition and integrity of the organization’s operations.