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Retail Store Audit

Point of sale audit includes systematic monitoring of retail outlets and provides information for categories in relation to competition.


Point of sale audit areas


Distribution monitoring – the presence of products in the store. The following parameters can be tested:

  • product distribution vs. listings
  • innovation speed
  • the breadth of the store’s assortment or a given category
  • presence of products in individual zones


Price monitoring – list of products broken down by price:

  • regular
  • promotional (including bonus and free)
  • loyalty


Shelf shares– depending on the category measured:

  • linear – takes into account the shelf length
  • area – takes into account the length and height of the shelf
  • facially – the number of so-called faces on the shelf


List of additional exposures– a list of all additional sales points, which we divide into:

  • display types (e.g. shelf end, stand)
  • exhibition locations (e.g. main avenue, entrance avenue, in a category)
  • display size (e.g. in relation to the size of the pallet, with the number of shelves)


Merchandising– a list of activities in the store covering a regular or promotional product, which we divide into:

  • exhibition space (regular, promotional)
  • types of POS materials (store, manufacturer)


List of promotions– a list of promotional products, which we divide into:

  • price promotions
  • exposure in additional promotional places
  • promotion marked with POS materials
  • and additional (e.g. hostess, competitions, newspapers)


Range list– a list of all products in the store or from selected categories

How will you benefit?

you will check the availability of your company's products on the shelves

you will learn the quality of product display on the shelves and the overall aesthetics of the store

informs about the quality of products on the shelves and the general appearance of the store

you will verify the effectiveness of merchandisers' work

you will confirm the activation of the promotion by verifying the prices and the presence of the promotional display

you will determine the pricing strategies of your competition through regular audits

determines competition pricing strategies by means of a regular audit

you will relieve your employees and let them concentrate on their key duties

Areas we research by means of a given method:

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