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Non-participant video observation

Non-participant video NPVO observationis research using video cameras that allows you to record and observe the actual behavior of customers or employees at the point of sale. It limits declarativeness in research to the necessary minimum, so it is a perfect tool for analyzing the purchasing environment and verifying the changes introduced.


ABR SESTA as a pioneer introduced the technology to the market in 2004. Today we are a leader in its application with over 100 completed installations in Poland and Europe.


The installation of cameras is non-invasive, aesthetic and imperceptible. Cameras placed above eye level are not noticed by customers, they do not affect their behavior. We have an installation team with many years of experience, with the necessary permissions and certificates.


Selected research areas:

  • the effectiveness of the regular shelf and additional displays
  • conversion pyramids for the regular shelf and additional sales outlets
  • the number and profile of customers entering the store / category
  • number and profile of shoppers visiting the category, interested, buyers, resigning
  • paths of shoppers in the store / category
  • nature of interest in products – e.g. viewing, touching
  • time spent in the store, category, time of interest, comparing products, from entry to purchase
  • shelf aesthetics
  • behavior of sellers and consultants – initiating a conversation, time and effect of the conversation

How will you benefit?

you will guarantee high quality results thanks to a large sample in one study

you will guarantee yourself the full naturalness of the behavior of the subjects thanks to subtle observation

you will test the possibilities of cross-selling

you will identify detailed and unconscious behaviors in the subjects

you will collect information on consumer behavior that goes beyond their declarations

you will gain new consumer insights thanks to the observation of communing with the brand

you will eliminate unprofitable promotional exhibitions

you will get the opportunity to focus research on staff and verify the quality of performed duties

Areas we research by means of a given method:

Wizerunek marki_
Brand image and advertising

Partnerzy biznesowi_
Satisfaction of business partners


Selected clients:

Selected references:

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