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Neuromarketing research


Neuromarketing research consists in measuring human reaction to various stimuli applied. The main competitive advantage of neuromarketing surveys compared with traditional methods is the possibility of capturing unconscious and hidden reactions to marketing stimuli and very precise measurement of the reactions.


Braintracking method is based on a synergistic combination of brain waves (EEG) analysis, oculography (Eye-tracking) and in-depth interview (IDI), which enables hidden emotions of a surveyed person to be decoded on the basis of various parameters. Most importantly, the EEG and Eye-Tracking tests are analysed automatically by the software system, therefore the researcher may additionally ask about the elements that caused the strongest reactions during the survey process.


The key areas explored in Braintracking method include:

  • Advertising – TV, Internet, press
  • Advertising materials (posters, leaflets, POS) – design
  • Websites and web applications – design and content
  • Product – packaging (e.g. label)
  • Store environment – planograms, POS
  • Urban Space

How will you benefit?

determines the elements attracting the attention and triggering emotions

enables the investigation of unconscious, hidden, forgotten and automated reactions

checks the reactions of respondents to marketing stimuli in a reliable, comprehensive and contextual manner

provides information about consumers beyond their declarations

Areas we research by means of a given method:

Punkty sprzedaży_
Points of sale

Rynek i konkurencja_
Market and competition

Partnerzy biznesowi_
Satisfaction of business partners


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