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Computer assisted personal interviews (CAPI)

Direct interview is performed by a trained interviewer using a laptop (CAPI) or PDA, tablet (TAPI) or smartphone (CAPI mobile). The form can be viewed online or offline. We use modern software, thanks to which we can create surveys with a large number of transitions and conditional questions. The place and time of the interview is controlled based on GPS. We also enable taking photos during the survey and scanning the respondent’s basket or fridge using a barcode scanner.


The CAPI method is often used in research where advanced analytical techniques are provided. It allows you to include rotation in the survey script – so that the entire survey will be conducted with each respondent, but both questions and a cafeteria of answers can rotate.


Direct interview can be carried out in different places:

  • in home – interview at the respondent’s home
  • on street – interview on the street
  • central location – interview in specially arranged uniform conditions in the studio
  • in store – interview at the point of sale (e.g. at the shelf, at the checkout)
  • Entry – Exit – interview before entering and after leaving a given facility
  • Exit – Only – interview after leaving a given facility

How will you benefit?

reach the respondents at all points of contact with the brand

ensure full control over the course of survey and the opportunity to thoroughly discuss complex issues owing to the skills of experienced interviewers

give an opportunity to analyse multimedia materials (graphics, video, audio)

allow for long and detailed interviews

allow for interviewing also older clients who do not use a computer or telephone

guarantee the highest research standard compliant with the guidelines of the PKJPA and the OFBOR

Areas we research by means of a given method:

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