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Bartłomiej Niedbał i Łukasz Zieliński


We did it! We are extremely happy and satisfied to inform you that SYNO POLAND has become the technological partner of ABR SESTA.


The strategic partnership between ABR SESTA and SYNO POLAND in CAWI projects guarantees the appropriate selection of online panels throughout the world as well as close cooperation with Cint and its 50-million panel, including access to 690,000 respondents in Poland.

Close cooperation with SYNO POLAND, a partner with a global presence, will help us serve our clients more efficiently and effectively, both in Poland and on the international markets. We are aware that quick access to reliable information is critical to many aspects of management and strategic decision-making in organisations. Thanks to our cooperation, we can already offer 21st century solutions – points out Bartłomiej Niedbał, the Managing Director of ABR SESTA.

The role of a research institute is to effectively translate business goals into research questions. We offer comprehensive support at the stage of designing the study, i.e. selecting the appropriate research group and preparing the interview questionnaire. Our work on a research project does not end after sending the results. We prepare dedicated reports to ensure better understanding of the studied processes and phenomena, and we offer recommendations concerning the use of the obtained insights. Cooperation with SYNO POLAND gives us another advantage, in addition to comprehensive support, i.e. the ability to act quickly and effectively as well as reach groups that are not easily available.

We established cooperation with ABR SESTA Institute a year ago, and we have extended its scope with each new project. We have agreed that technological partnership, and the combination of technology and research experience, will enable us to offer competitive conditions and new quality in online research. We are sure that our joint offer will address the needs of the existing and new clients of our organisations – adds Łukasz Zieliński, the President of the Management Board of Syno Poland.

Thanks to strategic cooperation, we offer a tool that supports 62 major languages and 14 dialects worldwide. We open up the possibility of creating one link to the survey, which enables the respondent to choose the best language, or various pre-determined links to surveys for each language. We have also implemented the process of continuous assessment of each source of information. The key objectives of our assessment process are transparency and control. We want to make sure that the selected sample is consistent with the purposes of the research.


The agreement signed with SYNO POLAND will help to extend the offer of ABR SESTA. First, we are going to introduce omnibus research, and then, in the near future, a platform that provides data on demand. More details will be revealed soon.


With a handshake, ABR SESTA & SYNO POLAND